Our research

We work together to understand cardiac biology and disease mechanisms through translational research

The Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR) is Norway’s largest institute for translational cardiac research. The Institute is a department within the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, and operates within the framework of the Research strategy of the Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases. IEMR staff holds competency from a wide range of medical and life science disciplines, and covers molecular to clinical research. Our aim is to understand cardiac biology and disease mechanisms through translational research, and develop new preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies for patients with heart disease.

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Research Groups:

Carlson group: Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction in heart

Our group aims to identify molecular mechanisms underlying the development of cardiac disease and to develop novel therapeutic approaches to block disease progression.

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Cataliotti group: The endocrine function of the heart

The main focus of our group is to study the role of hormones produced by the heart during the early stages of human cardiovascular and renal dysfunction.

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Christensen group: Cellular and molecular biology of myocardial hypertrophy

We aim to develop novel therapeutic approaches and better diagnostic tools for heart failure through new knowledge about molecular mechanisms involved.

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Louch group:
Cardiomyocyte function in health and disease

Our research is aimed at understanding abnormal cellular calcium handling, with focus on the structures and proteins that control calcium cycling.

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Sjaastad group:
Advanced translational cardiac imaging

The aim of our group is to develop new advanced cardiac imaging tools, to exploit these and understand the remodelling process occurring in cardiac diseases, and search for new imaging biomarkers predicting adverse disease outcome.

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Stokke group: Translational arrhythmology and electrophysiology

We aim to understand processes that lead to cardiac disease due to pathological electrophysiology, especially arrhythmias. Our goal is that this insight will lead to improved diagnostics and therapy for patients with cardiac disease.

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Tønnessen group: Myocardial remodeling and reverse remodeling in pressure overload

Our group is conducting experimental/translational research studying cardiac pathophysiology related to aortic stenosis and pressure overload.

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KG Jebsen Center for Cardiac Research

The KG Jebsen Center for Cardiac Research hosted by IEMR aims to identify key factors responsible for diastolic dysfunction.

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