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The Institute for Experimental Medical Research (IEMR) is a large, translational research institute affiliated with the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. With seven research groups and ~70 employees from different nations and scientific backgrounds, IEMR focusses on using interdisciplinary approaches to produce comprehensive, high quality research on cardiac disease.

At IEMR we believe that a mix of passionate clinicians and basic scientists produces excellence in research. The institute employs people from all around the world with backgrounds spanning from mathematics and physics, to molecular biology and medicine.

IEMR prioritizes the welfare and wellbeing of its employees, as a part of our strategy to promote excellence.

Every two years we visit other excellent resarch groups abroad, with a dual aim to learn from the best and get to know our colleagues even better.

Our social committee organizes regular pay-day beers and social gatherings throughout the year.

IEMR also strives to have the fittest employees: Every spring we participate in the world’s largest relay, Holmenkollstafetten.



Life in Oslo

Oslo is the capital of and the largest city in Norway. There is a significant international presence, where people from across the world have moved to enjoy city life while surrounded by picturesque scenery. With the Oslo fjord at the centre, and protected woodland and forests surrounding the city, life in Oslo offers rich opportunities for culture and leisure activities.

The city offers world-class architecture, restaurants and sports, providing entertainment regardless of the season. In the winter, the city is the cross-country skiing capital of the world with skiing trails easily accessed throughout the city, and alpine ski resorts close by. In the summer, the stunning shorelines and lakes provide clean, uncrowded beaches and plentiful opportunities for water activities, easily accessible in the city itself or on the surrounding islands.

Being close to nature is embedded in the DNA of the city, as it is in Norwegian culture. Named as the 2019 European Green Capital, Oslo offers a unique combination of an urban and nature-oriented lifestyle.


Working in Norway

Norway has attractive welfare benefits such as sick leave and parental benefits. The hospital and university have a generous pension agreement, and international employees have access to the Norwegian health care system on the same terms as Norwegian citizens.

As an employee at IEMR, the department pays for courses helping integration into Norwegian society. The university offers cheap and nice housing for the first half year, providing new residents time to settle before finding a possible new home.

Furthermore, Norway has a free school system and offers kindergarten to all children, helping parents and families in everyday life. Many of our employees have their children in Oslo International School.


About IEMR

IEMR is one of the oldest and largest dedicated medical research departments in Norway. In addition to being an academic department at the University of Oslo, the institute is located within Oslo University Hospital Ullevål as part of the Heart- Lung and Vascular Clinic.

IEMR was established in 1951, with an idea to create an environment that promoted research in collaboration with the clinical departments at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål. There has always been a close link between IEMR and the clinical departments, strengthening the central translational approach of the department, and allowing it to grow.

At IEMR, research activity is interdisciplinary, with projects spanning from molecular biology, cardiomyocyte microscopy, cardiac imaging, large animal experiments and clinical trials.

Since the institute developed the first extensively used artificial kidney, IEMR has built up a strong methodological and innovative competency. The institute hosts three core facilities, has equipment covering all aspects of cardiac research, and is the forefront of innovation.

The institute currently employs researchers with grants from the European and Norwegian research councils, in addition to hosting a prestigious K.G. Jebsen-center, providing the institute with one of the largest grants for medical research in Norway.

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