Cataliotti group: The endocrine function of the heart

Cataliotti group

The main focus of our group is to study the role of hormones produced by the heart during the early stages of human cardiovascular and renal dysfunction.

Starting from the understanding of the existence of an impaired endocrine function of the heart that underlies several cardiovascular and renal diseases in humans, our group investigates the hormonal function of the heart in both physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

The main focus of our group is to study the role of hormones produced by the heart during the early stages of human cardiovascular and renal dysfunction, such as hypertension, stage A-B heart failure, ischemic cardiomyopathy, and mild to moderate renal impairment. Our group has a highly translational approach, performing both clinical studies, and preclinical research using innovative delivery approaches, as well as new therapeutic agents such as alternative forms of natriuretic peptides.

Alessandro Cataliotti is a Professor of Medicine and has joined the University of Oslo at the IEMR, after conducting extensive research in the field of cardiovascular disease in the USA at the prestigious location of the Mayo Clinic Foundation. He has conducted several preclinical and clinical studies to evaluate the effects of cardiac hormones in the setting of cardiovascular and renal dysfunction and has received numerous international scientific awards and nominations in recognition of his work.

Our group is also committed to the discovery of novel small molecules that can enhance the activity of the cardiac peptides, and to further elucidate the mechanisms of actions of molecules known to interfere with the activity of several cardiac hormones.

Group Leader

Alessandro Cataliotti

Group Leader & Professor

Group members

Einar Sjaastad Nordén

Doctoral Research Fellow

Henriette Andresen

Doctoral Research Fellow

Kaja Knudsen Bergo

Doctoral Research Fellow

Reza Parvan

Doctoral Research Fellow

Latest publications

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