Research Strategy 2011-2022

The IEMR research strategy was updated in 2023. See new strategy here.


Excellent science reveals the secrets of the failing heart


  1. Find novel targets for the treatment of heart failure patients.
  2. Develop and employ cutting edge technologies to understand the mechanisms of heart failure.
  3. Recruit and educate PhD and medical students to become tomorrow’s scientific experts


  • Recruit scientists and researchers: Recruit and retain talented, competent people and foster their development
  • Equipment and technology: Maintain instruments, laboratories and competence to serve scientists in the hospital and the health region with comparative medicine resources
  • Scientific and educational training resource: Offer modern surgery and intervention facilities for clinical training
  • Produce new scientists: Provide excellent academic and research training for PhD, medical and masters level students. We aim to promote honest and ethical behavior within science and professional relations
  • Secure funding: Seek competitive grants to sustain world-class research
  • National and international collaboration: Strengthen national and international collaboration with leading researchers to access required technology and competence
  • Scientific publications: Publish research findings in high-impact journals, and present results at national and international meetings
  • Novel therapies: Improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease by unraveling disease mechanisms
  • Commercialization: Identify important findings and protect intellectual property by patenting innovations
  • Communication: Communicate important research findings to the general public through lectures and popular science publications