Image: Profile picture of Simona Kavaliauskiene

Simona Kavaliauskiene

Postdoctoral fellow

Louch group

Phone: +47 998 66 776


– PhD in Molecular Cell Biology (2016), University of Oslo / Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, Norway
– MSc in Molecular Cell Biology (2011), University of Oslo, Norway
– BSc in Biophysics (2009), Vilnius University, Lithuania

Academic interests

– Cardiac disease mechanisms in Atlantic salmon
– Lipid function in membrane organization and cellular transport

Research area

  • Advanced light microscopy
  • Cell signaling
  • Heart failure
  • Imaging

Latest publications

Sandvig K, Kavaliauskiene S, Myrann AG, Iversen TG, Skotland T (2022)
Modulation of Ricin Intoxication by the Autophagy Inhibitor EACC
Toxins (Basel), 14 (5)
PubMed 35622606 DOI 10.3390/toxins14050360