People at IEMR: Jia Li

Jia Li is a postdoctoral fellow at IEMR, working with cardiomyocyte signaling and excitation contraction coupling. Her recent article shows how the contractile units of cardiac muscle cells function, and how they become dysfunctional during disease.

What is the most exciting part of your project?
The most exciting part is that we have found a new mechanism which contributes to the Frank Starling law of the heart. It’s a new way of understanding how the heart works at a basic level.

Why did you decide to come to IEMR for your post doc?
After I finished my PhD in Sweden, I planned to move to Norway due to family reasons. I found a very interesting Postdoc project with Professor William E. Louch at IEMR. I was hired and joined his group to start working on this exciting project.

What surprised you the most about Norwegian work culture compared to your home country?
Norwegian work culture really supports women’s career development. One year of parental leave after having each of my children was greatly appreciated. 5 weeks of paid vacation each year also allows people to relax and get refreshed before returning to work.

What would be your advice to new IEMR-members coming from abroad?
Enjoy Norway’s great outdoors. And learn some Norwegian language to enjoy your life even more.

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