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Dual-receptor targeting of mechanoreceptors to reduce cardiac remodeling

Integrin α11β1 and syndecan-4 dual receptor ablation attenuate cardiac hypertrophy in the pressure overloaded heart

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Cardiac masses and function after expedition to extreme altitude

Extreme altitude induces divergent mass reduction of right and left ventricle in mountain climbers

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People at IEMR: Athiramol Sasi

Researcher Athiramol Sasi borrowed tricks from a documentarist and a president when she prepared for an important presentation. At IEMR, we learn from the best!

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Seminars and conferences

IEMR – Project meeting
professor Carl-Henrik Heldin

  1. November 2021

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Our Fellow scientist in Manchester

Andreas Romaine, postdoctoral researcher at IEMR, is interested in understanding the underlying causes of heart failure. He is currently in Manchester, as part of the Scientia Fellows programme.

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Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Thesis, Andreas Romaine

MSc Andreas Romaine has defended his thesis “Proteoglycans and integrins as keyregulators of cardiac remodelling in response to increased left ventricular afterload” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor).

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