IEMR - Project meeting
Daniele Catalucci, IRGB, Milan, Italy

10. December 2021

We are looking forward to a presentation by head of research Daniele Catalucci at the Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB), Milan, Italy:

“Pumping the Heart UP: new corrective molecules and their delivery.”

His lab aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac diseases, to increase the knowledge about the function of the physiologic vs pathologic heart, and to develop novel and more effective therapeutic approaches for the treatment of the failing heart.

Area of interest:

1) Molecular mechanisms for the regulation of cardiac muscle contraction: remodeling of calcium handling, signal transduction, and identification of new therapeutic drugs.

2) Biomimetic nanoparticle formulations for cardiac-specific drug delivery, an unconventional and novel effective strategy for non-invasive (via inhalation) nanoparticle-based delivery of therapeutic biomolecules to the diseased heart.

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See you on Zoom at 8.45 on Friday!

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