IEMR - Project meeting,
Karl Trygve Kalleberg

22. April 2022

We are looking forward to a presentation by Karl Trygve Kalleberg:

Epigenetics and aging, with applications to early detection of rheumatoid arthritis

Karl Trygve Kalleberg is a medical doctor with experience within the field of internal medicine and nephrology. He has extensive experience in predictive analysis and holds a PhD in computer science. He is chief executive officer and cofounder of Age Labs.

Age Labs is a startup focused on developing new biomarkers for the early detection of age-related diseases. The company is creating new types of diagnostic tests by combining biobanks, whole-genome epigenetic profiling and machine learning. The tests are based on detecting changes in gene regulation that precede many types of diseases of aging.

Read more about Age Labs.

See you on Zoom at 8.45 on Friday!