IEMR - Project meeting
Godfrey Smith

1. March 2024

We are looking forward to a presentation by professor Godfrey Smith:

“Electrophysiology at the interface between the Ischaemic and Normal zones: is it a Border or a Twilight zone?”

Godfrey Smith is professor of Cardiovascular Physiology and director of Innovation, Engagement and Enterprise at the University of Glasgow. In the coming years, he will visit Oslo regularly, complementing the expertise at IEMR and providing a bridge to his team in Glasgow.

Read more: Professor Godfrey Smith joins the IEMR team

Meeting organizer: Pugazendhi (Pugal) Murugan Erusappan

Welcome to our meeting room at 8.45 on Fridays.
Room 704025, building 7, 4. floor, IEMR