Doctoral Thesis 2020

Public defences

  • Andreas Romaine: “Proteoglycans and integrins as keyregulators of cardiac remodelling in response to increased left ventricular afterload”


  • Åsmund Treu Røe: “Heart failure beyond global systolic dysfunction – active, passive and regional mechanisms of diastolic dysfunction”


  • Naiyereh Mohammadzadeh: “Roles of the proteoglycans lumican and fibromodulin in cardiac remodeling following pressure overload”


  • Sabrina Bech Mathiesen: “Exploring intracellular connections of syndecan-2 and -4 in the heart”


  • Arne Olav Melleby: “Cardiac remodeling responses to increased afterload: Roles and regulation of cell surface proteoglycans and integrins”


  • Marianne Ruud: “Regulation of cardiomyocyte structure and function by workload”


  • Jonas Skogestad: “A search for novel treatments against ventricular arrhythmias”