Core Facility for Large Animal Research, Ullevål

Section for Preclinical Physiology offers state-of-the art equipment, facilities and know-how to all researchers who want to test their hypotheses in a large animal model.

We provide fully equipped operating theatres, and offer expertise and assistance in planning and conduction of all surgical procedures in large animals.
Section for Preclinical Physiology, IEMR

Large animals offers a unique opportunity to test hypotheses regarding physiology, pathophysiology and drug development in models that are close to human anatomical dimensions and physiology. Our surgical theaters provide are equipped to perform all surgical procedures; from x-ray guided mini-invasive catheter-based procedures, to endoscopy and conventional open surgery. We have a long experience with anesthesia and surgery in pigs, and offer full-disclosure recording of all data during procedures.

Animal welfare is our first priority, and we work closely with veterinarians and animal breeders to ensure that the highest level of care for all animals at all stages of a project.

The section is part of a regional technological core facility supported by the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst RHF). We offer academic and technical support to scientists within the health region and from University of Oslo. Regional and local users are given equal priority and the same prices. The section also hosts a range of clinical training courses.

Section for Preclinical Physiology, IEMR

Scientists considering to use large animals in their projects should contact us at an early time point to hear more about the opportunities we offer. We are happy to assist with planning and conduction of experiments.

Head of Section for Preclinical Physiology and general manager for the core facility: Morten Eriksen

Core facility leader, Ullevål: Ivar Sjaastad


The core facility for Large Animal Research at Oslo University Hospital has two nodes:

  • Section for Preclinical Physiology at Institute for Experimental Medical Research
  • Section for Large Animal Surgery, Institute for Surgical Research