Core facilities

Our advanced core facilities offer excellent opportunities

Preclinical MR Core Facility

Our preclinical MR core facility offers a variety of advanced imaging methods, with a particular focus on the assessement of cardiac structure and function.

Cardiac Imaging

Ex-Vivo Imaging


Neuro Imaging

Prostate Imaging


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Core Facility Super-resolution and Confocal Microscopy

The Core Facility Microscopy, Ullevål, holds two super-resolution microscopes, two confocal microscopes and three whole cell fluorescence setups as well as software for image enhancement.

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Core Facility for Large Animal Research

Section for Preclinical Physiology offers state-of-the art equipment, facilities and know-how to all researchers who want to test their hypotheses in a large animal model.

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Laboratory and technical sections

The Laboratory and Technical sections offer excellent facilities with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting experimental analyzes, along with a highly qualified staff. We have broad expertise in basic and advanced methods, including cell imaging, molecular- and cell biology and in vivo and in vitro analyzes. We offer services to all researchers at IEMR.

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