New core facility: Preclinical PET imaging

January 20, 2023
Image: Centre George Francois Leclerc, CGFL, France

By combining new competence and equipment in preclinical PET imaging, with the MRI strength already in place, IEMR can offer advanced, state-of-the-art opportunities in the new regional core facility.

PET is a molecular imaging modality that uses small amounts of radioactive tracers to image important cellular and molecular processes. Meanwhile, MRI provides superior soft tissue contrast and offers both structural and functional information with high spatial and temporal resolution. Combining both techniques in one system enables us to collect unprecedented multi-parametric information from PET and MRI on the same animal at the same time.

A new 7 T PET/MRI system from MR Solutions is being installed in Building A at Rikshospitalet in 2023. It is specifically designed for mice/rats molecular imaging studies and is capable of imaging a whole rat or three mice simultaneously. As the only preclinical PET/MRI scanner in Oslo, it will play a vital role in offering regional researchers the most cutting-edge imaging techniques and elevate small animal research to another level.

Image: Centre George Francois Leclerc, CGFL, France


In this regard, it is our great pleasure to welcome Trine Hjørnevik as the newest member of our MRI group. Trine recently started to work with us in a part-time position, focusing on PET imaging. She is currently also working as a senior research scientist at the Division of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at OUS. Trine brings more than 15 years of PET imaging experience to the new position. She will contribute tremendously already from the installation phase of the PET/MRI system and will tightly collaborate with senior engineer Lili Zhang who will be responsible for the MRI part.

Trine Hjørnevik

“Trine adds crucial PET imaging competence to the in-vivo imaging facility. Combing with her deep experience in preclinical PET imaging and the MRI strength already in place at IEMR, we believe we can offer the most advanced, state-of-the-art preclinical imaging opportunities,” says Professor Ivar Sjaastad. He also emphasizes the collaboration in place between the preclinical PET facility and both the Cyclotron center in Oslo and the clinical PET imaging facility at OUS. “Together these units provide an exciting one-stop-shop for PET imaging in Oslo”.


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